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CC Troy Tech Team

Lights! Camera! Action!

In 2005, CC Troy made a commitment to changing the worship paradigm. Since then, the Tech Team has provided audio visual support to the Worship Planning Team for church services and special events held at Christ Church. Members of the Tech Team receive training in the operation of all aspects of media used, including:

  • “On Air” Graphics
  • Hymn graphics
  • Multi-camera monitoring and production
  • Event production
  • Live streaming production
  • Sermon archiving
  • DVD production
  • Sound systems

What to expect: As a member of the Tech Team, you will:

  • be requested to work ~1 Sunday a month during the service

  • Before the service
  • You’ll arrive at 9:00AM to:
    • launch the systems for the service
    • check equipment
    • load graphics
    • check batteries
    • check with church staff for any last minute requests an/or changes to the service
    • run a sound check if needed
  • During the service
    • a tech team member will be responsible for graphic support to the service
      • worship graphics
      • hymns
      • launch of the live web stream
      • oversee any support videos for the service
    • a second tech team member will responsible for
    • running the 4-camera remote video system via a 4 channel switcher for our webstream
  • After the service
    • You will archive the service to DVD’s
    • Set appropriate meta tags and descriptions for the online video archive
    • Collect any and all sound equipment that belongs in the booth (wireless mic’s, lavaliers, etc.)
    • Shut down all equipment
    • Lock and secure the Tech booth
    • Deliver an archive DVD copy of the service to the church office

 If you’ve ever wanted to be a part of the service but didn’t want to be in front of the congregation, this is a great way to be a vital part of the worship service. It’s also a great way to learn a little about event production. Either way, it’s never boring, and each service is very different. Join us!

Our Control Room