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Small Group Studies

Small Group Studies

One of the most important components of Methodism when John Wesley founded the religion was “Band-Societies,” now known as small groups. Small groups can cover anything from Bible studies to video series to novels to social action planning. Although Wesley wrote his “Rules for the Band-Societies” in 1738, one of them in particular still resonates: “Speak each of us in order, freely and plainly, the true state of our souls.” Small groups at Christ Church Troy are where attendees share our souls, and often we learn something about our own beliefs in the process.

  • Lenten Studies
  • Lent 2016

    An adult small group study is meeting on Tuesday mornings at 10 am at The Daily Grind on 3rd Street.
    The group is studying Anne Lamott’s book Traveling Mercies.
  • Past Studies
  • Embracing Spiritual Awakening: Diana Butler Bass



    There is no denying that being Church and doing Church has been changing in the recent decades.  In this DVD-based course on “The dynamics of experiential faith”, Diana Butler Bass expands on the ideas she developed in her recent book, Christianity after Religion, exploring what Christianity may look like “beyond religion and beyond the church.” Diana Butler Bass has been studying this for years. She sees hope for the future and makes a case for how to embrace those who are turned off by the churches they used to attend, or rarely visit.

    The Lenten Worship Series explored each of the themes covered by the discussion. The five themes included (1) Waking Up, (2) Believing, (3) Behaving, (4) Belonging, and (5) Awakening. This You Tube clip lasts 22 minutes but gives a taste of why Diana Butler Bass says there is a spiritual awakening going on.

    Financial Essentials


    Led by Paula-Christie Heighton of Thrivent Mutual, this course was aimed to suit people of all ages and times of life, and the final week was tailored to the questions and requests of the group. Each week is self-contained, but does build on each other to create a whole life picture.


    Progressive Christianity


    Living the Questions

    Disciple Bible Study

    Study of the Psalms

    The heart of Christianity

    Why nobody wants to go to church anymore

    Introduction to the Quran

    Love Wins