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Our history

The congregation of Christ Church can trace its roots back to the first community of Methodists in Troy which began holding class meetings in 1793. From that group a church was formed that incorporated into the State Street Methodist Episcopal Church in 1808. Since that time many churches have been spawned by this church throughout the city and beyond. At its height in the mid-1800s this church and its offspring was a powerful force. After several revivals in the local area the Methodist congregation grew in size until it outgrew the meeting house. In the spring of 1827 the Methodists erected a brick church next to the old meeting house. The new building was finished and dedicated on December 1, 1827. Again the church grew and was in need of expansion. A new church was planned. The architects Woollett & Ogden were hired to plan the church. The new church, built of blue lime-stone, was dedicated by Bishop Matthew Simpson, on Thursday morning, March 30, 1871. The attractive edifice has a frontage of 75 feet on State Street and a depth of 100 feet on Fifth Street. The sanctuary, 59 by 70 feet, seats 650 with an additional 250 in the balcony. The nineteen foot square tower supports a steeple reaching 175 feet from the sidewalk to the finial. The final cost of building the church was $125,000. Early in the 20th century, the city of Troy began to decline. Industries that fueled the growth of the city waned and the congregation’s size declined as well. Several of the churches that were formed from this church returned and merged with this congregation.

A more detailed history of the chruch is available in pdf form.