On a journey together with Christ – Questioning, Serving and Growing.

Who we are

We are an active community whose energy attracts and draws others and a place where people feel valued and valuable. Christ Church is a diverse, inclusive community with a rich history of nearly 200 years that looks forward to an exciting future. With open hearts, open minds and open doors we welcome, love and empower all persons who seek to serve one another, the City of Troy and the world while journeying together toward deeper understanding and appreciation of our relationship with the Divine, through Christ.

A Reconciling Congregation rmnwebChrist Church Troy embraces Jesus’ message that God loves and accepts every person. We seek to preserve the beautiful, amazing diversity of God’s creation, and we affirm that all people of every age, race, ethnicity, culture, gender, sexual orientation and gender identity, economic condition, and physical or mental ability are welcome companions on our life journey.

Mission cross-and-flame-color-1058x1818The mission of Christ Church Troy is to glorify God through thoughtful and artistic worship, by reaching out to those in need, and by actively engaging important social issues.

Vision Christ Church Troy, a United Methodist experience in downtown Troy – welcomes everyone through word, music, art and personal engagement – celebrating the qualities that make us different and a faith journey that makes us one.

  • We are a church that embraces the struggle of what it means to journey together, openly and non-judgmentally, asking the question of what it means to follow Christ today, showing in a changed and changing world how the example of Jesus can bring all to wholeness and peace.
  • We are a church that tells the faith story through the use of word, image, and music, creating a multi-sensory worship experience that engages people emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually to help them progress on their faith journey.
  • We follow the example of Jesus by assuming an activist role locally and globally and by providing outreach and service to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of humanity by extending Christ’s love.