On a journey together with Christ – Questioning, Serving and Growing.

Serve With Christ Church

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Serving Locally and Globally for over 200 years

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One of the things that makes CC-Troy stand out is our commitment to serving others on a local and global scale. Our attendees know that it is important to not only help those in need around us but to welcome them and do our best to make them feel accepted in our church family. At any given time, there are many individuals and teams at Christ Church that are trying to make a difference, so if you’re passionate about something please feel free to ask the pastors if it’s something someone is already involved with. New ways to serve God and God’s people are always welcome!

And serve each other according to the gift each person has received, as good managers of God’s diverse gifts. – 1 Peter 4:10 (CEB)

Serving at CC-Troy

This Old Church

Bring out your inner handyperson! Join us as we care for and maintain our pre-turn-of-the-century sanctuary.

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Christ Church Cooks

Do you love to cook? This group gets together to cook for Christ Church Troy dinners and is always happy to share recipes!

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Knitting for Others

A group that knits and crochets winter gear for those in need and helps each other with other craft projects.

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Do you like fried dough? Come help make and sell churros to the Troy masses.

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Social Action and Missions Team

A volunteer committee that discusses and organizes ways CC-Troy can pursue and affect social justice issues.

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Information and Resources

Resources and information regarding local service organizations and social services available.

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Events/Programs Serving Local and Global Needs

Inn From The Cold

An overflow shelter for the homeless and less fortunate in Troy (Nov - Apri).

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Community Block Party

An annual event with lots of FREE music, food, and fun for everyone.

Spaghetti and Meatball Fundrasier

A charity fundraiser for 5 helping agencies in downtown Troy.

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